The XYS3580 Buck-Boost converter is explained. Major components and datasheet viewed. Setting voltage, current, maximum power, maximum time and capacity shown. Short circuit protection, contestant current, charging Lithium battery, under voltage protection tested. The input and output of voltages shown. the XYS3580 is tested as Step-down and Step-up converter with 1A to 5A. Thermal image shown and ripple voltage of the output is measured and shown.

The same module is sold under the model XYS3606 .

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01:09 Introduction to XYS3580
04:09 Hardware opened and explained
09:28 Settings explained
14:45 Memory Preset Settings
18:27 Minimum/Maximum Voltage tested
21:35 Short Circuit protection tested
22:03 Under Voltage Protection tested
24:08 Lithium Battery is charged
28:02 Output Ripple Voltage measured
Test with under different currents and efficiency shown
28:33 Test with input: 15V Output 35V
31:11 Input 15V output 24V
33:16 Input 15V output 12V (step down)
35:32 Input 15V output 5V
35:57 Input 15V output 3.3V
36:40 Input 7V output 35V
37:25 Input 7V output 24V
38:14 Input 6V output 15V
39:02 Input 7V output 12V
39:30 Input 7V output 5V
39:58 Input 7V output 3.3V
40:41 Conclusion remarks

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