Watt Hour is giving away the DL29P Bluetooth Energy meter shown in YouTube video here.

When this counter is zero, we will do the draw live on Facebook at 18:00 Easter time (Toronto, New York)

The meter is was purchased brand new video was recorded while DL24P was unboxed, connected and tested. So it is now considered used. We pay for the shipping cost

This Giveaway is an experiment for future giveaways.

Giveaway is open for residents of Canada and USA

Due to high cost of shipping outside Canada and US, we are sorry that we can’t afford to ship this product overseas. We may consider this in the future to allow participates from other countries.

Terms and Conditions

What is expected from participants?

You must subscribe to our YouTube channel Watt Hour and Follow us on TikTok

Steps to prove a you have subscribed to our YouTube channel and followed us on Facebook


  1. Please visit the video review page https://youtu.be/-UblSfUEY-0
  2. Post click on subscribe button and turn the notifications ON
  3. Post a comment under the above video
  4. Follow us on Facebook here and follow @wattHourTV
  5. Register in our website here  to win this DL24P. You should activate your account by clicking on the link sent to you via e-mail. Make sure to check your spam/junk folder. 

How do I know if I am the winner?

You have to register in our website here  and on Jan 16, 2022 we will make a live draw shown on our Facebook Page.

We will show this same DL24P shown in video to your registered address. 

Only USA and Canada residents

Only residents of USA and Canada can participate in this giveaway. 

We reserve the right to refuse sending this item. 


Only residents of USA mainland and lower provinces of Canada. All other states or territories outside USA mainland are excluded. For Canada, only residents of lower provinces can participate. Hard to reach and expensive to ship area are excluded.  We reserve the right to refuse shipping it if the cost of shipping to your shipping address is what we assume to be higher than normal. 

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