We learn about module, all features and the module is tested under different input and output at 50V 20A and lower load conditions. Charging battery at 20A of LiFePO4 tested. Calibration is shown and ripple voltage is measured. Link to resource page is below.

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01:08 Introduction
06:28 Hardware Explained
08:36 Components
11:57 Setting Explained
19:14 Reading accuracy
22:11 Charging Battery
28:30 Test input 55V
34:59 Test input 48V
37:33 Test input 36V
39:28 Test input 24V
40:55 Test input 18V
42:52 Test input 8.4V
44:21 Test input 12V
45:21 Output connected reserves polarity
46:57 Calibrating Voltage/current
50:27 Ripple voltage

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Amazon Canada: https://amzn.to/2NSxMKr

Amazon Europe (All Europe) :https://amzn.to/3sD5xOB




TM1621B Chinese

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