In this review the WUZHI WZ5005 Buck Converter panel is tested. Shown how to use it, how to set up the WiFi and control it using Android app. The minimum, maximum, accuracy of reading and output, input current over 55V, 50V, 30V, 24V, 18V, 15V, 12V, 8.4V, 5V, 24V and 3.3V tested. Ripple voltage and switching frequency is also measured using oscilloscope. Charging One and two cell Lithium battery is shown. There is tones of useful information to get the best of this WUZHI module.

Jump to different chapters of the video:
01:15 Introduction to WZ5005
09:42 Setting Explained
19:01 Components under magnifier
22:46 Display Reading accuracy
26:03 Output Minimum Voltage
27:30 Charging Lithium Battery
33:03 Using Android Mobile App
43:12 Ripple Voltage/Switching Frequency
44:33 Test: Input 55V
47:57 Test: Input 30V
51:34 Test: Input 12V

Components Used in this module

Manufacturer Website

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